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Lash Services

Enhance your eyes with a lash lift service. This low maintenance, painless, and affordable treatment will leave your eyes looking instantly brighter and more awake. Say goodbye to your lash curler and get that sexy curl that you’ve always wanted without the added effort. Customize your lift with an add on service to get the look that you are going for. Results last anywhere from 8-12 weeks.

Lash Lift  

A great alternative to extensions and perfect for those who have straight or downward pointin​g natural lashes. 

30 minutes - $75

Lash Tint

A form of lash dye developed specifically for the lashes. Produces similar effect to mascara and visibly darkens and thickens the appearance of your natural lashes without rubbing off.

15 minutes - $20

Lash Plump

Boost your lash density by up to 24% from the inside out and keep your lashes healthy and full

15 minutes - $20

Lash Glaze

Strengthen and condition your natural lashes with this ultra-nourishing keratin treatment while holding curled lashes in place. Perfect for clients with brittle and/or light coloured lashes for that hint of drama.

15 minutes - $20 

Lash Removal 

30 minutes - ​$30 (Add on price: $10)

Lash Lift + Tint

Combine a lift and tint for a package rate.

45 minutes - $85

Lash Lift + Tint + Plump

Combine a lift, tint and plump for a package rate.
60 minutes - $100

Lash Lift + Tint + Plump + Glaze

The ultimate lash combo for bold, strong and lifted lashes with some drama. (Most popular)

75 minutes - $115

24 K Gold Undereye Treatment

Brighten your undereyes during your lash service with this 24k gold undereye mask 

Add-on only - $5

Brow Services

Get those bombshell brows that you're looking for. We offer the complete brow experience for anything and everything brows. 

Brow Shaping

Get your brows measured, shaped and trimmed to perfectly frame your face. Choose between threading or waxing.

30 minutes - $20

Brow Tint 

A form of dye developed specifically for the brows will instantly darken your eyebrows so you don't have to fill them in. 

30 minutes - $20 (add shaping for $10)

Brow Henna and Wax

Henna is a type of semi-permanent brow tint that restores eyebrow hair growth by 60%, and helps damaged, weak hair by strengthening them with each service. This natural product is mixed with water, without the use of oxidants so it is perfect for clients with skin sensitivities.  sensitivities.  

60 minutes - $65

Brow Lamination

Create the look of full brows by redirecting your eyebrow hair growth upwards to achieve fullness using your natural hair. Includes a brow tint and shape. Lasts 8-10 weeks.  

1 hour - $80 

Ombr'e Powder Brows

This technique, once healed, will create a soft filled-in look that resembles a powdery finish.  Ombre Powder Brows can last anywhere between 1-3 years. A touch up is recommended between 2-6 months.

$100 Non-refundable booking fee required and will be applied towards balance.

Your balance is due at the end of your appointment.

3 hours - ​$500 (perfecting session included) 

Saline Tattoo Removal

Removal or lightening of unwanted permanent makeup. An all-natural saline solution is implanted over your existing PMU to break up the existing pigment and lift it out of the skin. Depending on how deep, fresh and dark the pigment is, you may need several sessions. 

1.5 hours - $150/session or $400 for 3 sessions.

Colour Correction

This procedure consists of colour correcting old/faded brows from previous pmu work. We will reshape (if needed) and applying a new colour to bring the life back to your brows. Old brows must be faded by 70-80%, otherwise, saline removal will be required prior to booking your colour correction. 
A touch up between 2-6 months is required.

**some cases may require 2-3 additional touch ups.

$100 Non-refundable booking fee required and will be applied towards balance.

Duration: 3 hours (Coming Soon)

Facial Services

We will always perform an in-depth skin analysis and recommend a skin care treatment protocol that caters to your unique needs and specific skin health goals. 

Treatments and add-ons may also be combined. 


60 minutes - $275/session, $750/3 sessions, $1125/5 sessions. 

Hydrojelly Facial

 60 minutes - $120 (add an ampoule for $25)

Guinot Detoxygen Facial

60 minutes - $135

Guinot Lift Summum

1 hour - $135

Signature Facial

75 minutes - ​$150  

Chemical Peel

1 hour - $120

Microdermabrasion + LED Light

Duration: 1 hour $150

24K Gold Facial

60 minutes: $150

Add ons: $15 each

Photo therapy - Red Light or Blue Light 

High Frequency - Under eye circle treatment

Ampoule - For skin concerns

Lip Mask 

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